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EN :

Welcome to "GobelinsRPG" the goal of the game is to complete 20 rounds with one life.

You want to play with a "PS4" controller then a turoriel is available on our website: https://loxig78533.wixsite.com/gobelinsrpg/post/joueurs-manette-ps4

So, are you going to succeed?

FR :

Bienvenue sur "GobelinsRPG" le but du jeu est de terminer les 20 manches avec une seule vie.

Vous avez envie de jouer avec une mannette "PS4" alors un turoriel est disponible sur notre site internet : https://loxig78533.wixsite.com/gobelinsrpg/post/joueurs-manette-ps4

Alors, allez vous réussir ?

Version "Android" : https://gamejolt.com/games/Gobelinsrpgmobile/460948

Les réseaux sociaux : (FR)

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GobelinsRPG

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gobelins.rpg

The twitter account in English:



GobelinsRPG.zip 8 MB


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This game is cool

Thank you !

tellement cool

Merci beaucoup !

Ce jeu est tellement bien ! Merci….

Merci à vous !

I'm love this game ! (J'adore ce jeu)

Thank you (Merci lol)

This game is great ! i'm love this.

Thank you azgrin

This game is great ! keep it up !

Thank You !

Trop bien le jeu !!!!! vivement les prochaines maj du jeu et vous faite du bon travail "mhrgames". bonne continuation...

Thank You !

i am super late for my review but here i go lol. First the scenery was amazing it did grab my attention. The combat with the basic weapon i feel could be a bit faster with the space inbetween animation, i feel it's too long of a pause between attacks. Monsters are great! the pose a big threat and i haven't seen the monsters further, the points to get the weapons i feel need to be tweeked, make it easier for us to get the weapons. Not super easy but easy enough. The attack potion did help though. Had a great time playing and ill make another video on the other swords....when i get 6,000 orbs lol


Thank you !We will take your "REVIEWS" to correct them in futur updates...

super jeu !

The season 2 is available, nice👍

this was a cool game to play! i noticed though that my attack animation stopped for a 1 or 2 and then continued. I also understood that i gained a couple seconds after killing and  enemy which made it difficult when trying to get more time also the points system would need to be tweaked so you can have a chance to use the weapons in the system. Games is going in the right direction though

thank you

Oui très bon jeu

Very good game 👍